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Whether you have a plaster cast, dressing or bandage, our waterproof protector covers will enable you to shower or bathe in confidence & are designed to keep. Dyna Cast Protector is completely watertight keeping your casts and bandages dry. Therefore, you can even take a bath while your leg is in a cast. A cast cover is eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). More About This Product ; , Long Leg, 42", 28" ; , Foot/Ankle, 12", 21". Cast protectors provide are % waterproof and keep your cast, bandages or dressings dry while showering. They slip easily on and off and allow your limbs.

These multi-use covers are designed for specific areas of the body (e.g. leg, wrist, etc.) and form a tight seal around the body part to prevent moisture from. The AquaShield may be used in the shower, bath, pool or spa. It is used as moisture protection for fractures, sprains, foot, ankle, hand and knee surgery, PICC. Made of a durable material, cast covers can help to cover up abrasions, burns, incisions, and more. They're a smart option to help keep your injury dry while. Comfortable and waterproof, these cast protectors are just what you need if you've had an accident and have your arm or leg covered in plaster. These handy. StrideOn Extra Wide Short Waterproof Leg Cast and Bandage Protector Designed to Protect Dressings and Injuries While Showering or Bathing. Bandage Protector · Band-Aid Medium Shower Care Bandage Protector · TKWC INC Water Proof Leg Cast Cover for Shower - # - Watertight Foot Protector. Leg/Cast Products /; Cast and trauma care /; Shower-Right Cast and Bandage Protector. Due to annual inventory counting, and the Thanksgiving holiday, any. Leg Cast Cover allows you to hop in the shower with casts, bandages, abrasions, rashes, burns, and any area that needs to be kept dry. leg cast. Item Size: mm/inch*mm/inch, L Hole Size is bigger than M1/M2. Knee protector has 2 hole, The larger hole goes on the top of the leg. Arm waterproof cast cover and dressing protectors are suitable when showering, bathing or swimming. Waterproof cast protectors are. Adult Short Leg Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector designed to protect dressings and injuries while showering. Order today and get 20% OFF in our sale!

Infinity Adult Arm · Infinity Adult Leg · Infinity Pediatric · Adult Original Hand/Arm · Adult Original Foot/Leg · Pediatric Original · Adult Sport Arm · Adult Sport. Vacuum Sealed Waterproof Cast and Wound Covers for Arm, Leg, PICC Line, Prosthetic and Ostomy. % Waterproof Protection for Showering, Bathing and. Product categories · Teenager Long Leg Protector Bandage Cover For Shower · Protect Bandage Child Elbow Shower Cover · Reusable Adult Elbow Waterproof Cast Cover. Leg Wound and Cast Protector - Seal-Tight The Leg Wound and Cast Protector from Seal-Tight is a waterproof leg cast cover designed to prevent water from. Bloccs® Cast and Dressing Covers are invaluable if you or a loved one is suffering from a limb injury that needs waterproof protection. Durable and of the. Cast Covers · DRYPro Leg Waterproof Cast Cover · DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover · DRYPro Half Arm Waterproof Cast Cover. Best leg cast cover and waterproof protector for shower & bathing. Seal tight cover to keep long, full or short broken leg casts, boots, & bandages dry. Protect your limb as you shower, swim or head onto the water with DRYPRO Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Half or Full Leg Cast Covers, creating an airtight seal. This waterproof leg cast cover for shower ensures an easy one-handed application. The shower cover for the cast is safe and easy to use. Keep injuries dry with.

With our waterproof leg cast protector you can shower without getting your leg cast or post-surgery wounds and dressings wet | Reusable. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of specialized care for problems of the foot and ankle in an affordable and caring fashion. Our doctors, medical. cast protectors allow your child to shower and swim with the arm cast ADULT & KID SIZES AVAILABLE – enabling adults and children with ARM, HAND, LEG or FOOT. Cast covers fit over the cast and fasten with a watertight seal. They usually take the form of a long plastic sleeve that can slide over an arm or leg cast. The DRYPro™ waterproof cast cover is completely watertight, keeping your casts, bandages, and wounds dry. The DRYPro™ waterproof cast cover is the only leg and.

LimbO Full Leg XL MFL provides waterproof protection for plaster casts or dressings above the knee. Easy to put on and use for either bath or shower. The Dyna Seal Waterproof Cast Protectors will enable individuals to wash normally while keeping their cast or bandage dry. The rubber seal around the. The Bandage and Cast Protector is a safe, economical and effective covering for dressings surrounding PICC lines and elbow surgeries. Open design allows user.

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